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Quantity Surveyors are the financial and contractual element of the construction team that are focused on building properties to their client’s standard.

Within ASP, our skills are applied to all aspects of the company’s activities, both as stand-alone commissions and as part of a complete package. Companies that work alongside surveyors will have employees that apply their expertise to finding the most cost effective strategies to your projects. Contact us for more information.

Why would you need to use a surveyor?

If you are thinking about purchasing a property, then a surveyor completed by an independent agency can really benefit you. A surveyor will be able to complete various reports, including a condition report and this will inform you of any issues with the property, including any structural damages. Find out more.

A report can also advise you on ways of solving this, including lowering the asking price and maintenance.

If you’re not sure about what report you need conducted, call 020 8133 9517 today.

Use a trusted chartered surveyor to value a property

Many surveyors will work alongside big names in the business

Clients include Banks, Building Societies, Developers, Health Authorities, Housing Associations, Government Departments, industrial companies, property companies and many more.

The quality of traditional surveying services is beyond question and ASP is able to recommend you to companies in the UK that offer building surveyor services. See more advice.

Active cost control is at the heart of ASP involvement in projects, from feasibility studies and the establishment of realistic budgets.

Services that are most commonly provided are: