Changes That Benefit Your Home

When living in a property for a long time, sometimes maintaining that house can just get harder and harder. It will eventually lead your house to look boring, old and drab. When you go home you want to feel happy and excited, but eyeing up all those things that need a little help can be daunting.

On the outside of your house the most important features are the roof and windows, they can change the atmosphere of a house massively.

Advice on replacing or repairing your roof

If your roof begins to leak, it’s normally too late. Having twice a year inspections on the exterior and interior of your house can reduce the damage massively. This can easily happen if your roof is roughly around 50 years old – it’s at the end of its life and it WILL need a replacement roof fitted.

That new roof cost can also turn out to be a good investment.  A smart roof will revitalise and improve the look of your home as well as giving you the reassurance of a watertight property for years to come.  And if you’re thinking of selling, that’s an improvement that represents real cash value.

If you notice these on your yearly inspections before any leaking happens then a repair is likely to be the best bet. With a range of roofers in Ipswich, you are bound to have your property transformed in a short amount of time.

  • Warped roof/ceiling
  • Cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Missing shingles
  • Build up of shingles in gutters

Changing your windows will change your home

If you still want to keep that historic character in your home, you can still have sash windows in your home, but it is just used with modern materials, ensuring the longevity of it.

Accurate surveying is essential for this job. Pre tensioned springs make the sliding action easy to use and each slider tilts inwards for ease of cleaning.

These windows combine light strong ultra-slim high-gloss aluminium on the outside and on the inside PVC-U which is warm to the touch with marvelous insulation, and requiring minimum maintenance. This construction allows the frames transoms and mullions to be slim and less obtrusive.